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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Winterizing, CHECK!

This is a short post on a short subject.

The winter weather in December is not very wintery, thankfully. We got out this weekend and finally winterized the hives. We do this by adding waxed cardboard boxes that are big enough to allow for one inch insulation board on all four sides and the top. To ensure the hives are vented we add a chunk of PVC tubing to keep the insulation in place and a clear path for the bees to enter/exit from the upper hive body.  And, we throw in a couple winter patties as a Plan B nutrition source for the bees.

It was on overcast day and the ladies were not thrilled with our actions. Stinging ensued . . . *sigh*

winterizing 12-2015 1winterizing 12-2015 2winterizing 12-2015 arm 3