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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Summer in March?

We're hungry!

We fed the girls Sunday night – first time in two weeks. They had totally demolished the last patties, other than a speck of paper still inside he hive from the last meal. They tore into the new patties within seconds. Watching them belly up to the edges of the protein/carbohydrate patties like cattle at a trough was fascinating. Since rain in a constant in the forecast for a while, we’re not sure when we’ll get back as we need dry weather to get through the field to the site.

Pig the Wonder Cat + Mark = Construction Success!

Construction on the new facilities for our expansion has been moving along. More supers need to be put together and then it’s time for paint, paint, paint.

WHAT is with this crazy-warm weather in mid-March?! We took the winter tarpaper and lid insulation off this weekend. Now, everyone cross your fingers and ask Mother Nature to not plunge us back into a cold streak.

Robin had her allergy tests a couple weeks ago. Kind of. Confusion at the office reigned as she requested the stinging insects test but the appointment was not timed right so it could be completed that day. Back to the drawing board on the 26th.  *sigh*


Aye. I’m not fond of shots…

From Robin …
Well, I did it. I called an allergy doc and 17 years later, I’m going back for a second round of allergy tests and likely, allergy shots.  [insert sad trombone here]

The good news I’d that this time I won’t have to be tested for an allergy to rats. – – Long story, maybe some other time…

I had two substantial reactions to bee stings this past summer. My reaction is crazy-bad swelling and a good 10 days of itching. I wake up – itching in my sleep. I sit and itch through meetings. I itch on airplanes. I look like an itchy monkey. Not cool. The swelling is like a golf ball under my skin that lasts for a month. So far, no signs of anaphylactic shock, but my reaction thus far concerned my regular doc enough enough that I was given a prescription for an epi-pen and sternly told to USE IT. I didn’t get stung again once I got the epi-pen, but I did have fun practicing stabbing myself in the leg with the trainer.

(Note: I like breathing. Breathing is good. I want to keep breathing and not flirt with the inability to breathe.)

Oh, and while he’s at it, I might as well get doped up for my pollen and feline allergies.

I hated allergy shots back in the 90’s. The shot doesn’t hurt, but the process of going to the doc once a week to get the shot was more than annoying. I hope the last 17 years have yielded substantial medical progress!