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Aye. I’m not fond of shots…

From Robin …
Well, I did it. I called an allergy doc and 17 years later, I’m going back for a second round of allergy tests and likely, allergy shots.  [insert sad trombone here]

The good news I’d that this time I won’t have to be tested for an allergy to rats. – – Long story, maybe some other time…

I had two substantial reactions to bee stings this past summer. My reaction is crazy-bad swelling and a good 10 days of itching. I wake up – itching in my sleep. I sit and itch through meetings. I itch on airplanes. I look like an itchy monkey. Not cool. The swelling is like a golf ball under my skin that lasts for a month. So far, no signs of anaphylactic shock, but my reaction thus far concerned my regular doc enough enough that I was given a prescription for an epi-pen and sternly told to USE IT. I didn’t get stung again once I got the epi-pen, but I did have fun practicing stabbing myself in the leg with the trainer.

(Note: I like breathing. Breathing is good. I want to keep breathing and not flirt with the inability to breathe.)

Oh, and while he’s at it, I might as well get doped up for my pollen and feline allergies.

I hated allergy shots back in the 90’s. The shot doesn’t hurt, but the process of going to the doc once a week to get the shot was more than annoying. I hope the last 17 years have yielded substantial medical progress!


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