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Honey Comb, Here We Come!

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Mark has become particularly fascinated with producing honey comb. And, so has his Mom since she remembers eating it as a young girl, from her father’s hives. I too am intrigued – it looks like ridiculously delicious ‘natural’ candy. However, I fear that once I start eating it I might not be able to stop!

Last week while talking to another beekeeper we asked about the Bee-O-Pac system. Turns out that person had give the Pee-O-Pac an ol college try, and well, it didn’t work too well. He didn’t recommend it. We were bummed, as it looked so darn slick on the internet.

So, we’re going to try it old school this year and bought sheets of wax comb and wood frames. We keep asking ourselves, “What’s the worst that can happen – we fail – and try again?” We learned that you melt a little wax and ‘caulk’ the wax sheet into the frame. We think we’ll be particularly good at this since in a fit of pure insanity (oh yah, and we were broke), we reglazed all the old windows in our previous house.

Looks like we’re spending our birthday weekend trying to reorganize the basement so we have space to work to put all our the hive bodies, supers, and frames together. Aye, aye, aye – we have six years of junk down there.

Okay, all this talk of honey comb has made me hungry. I’m going to the kitchen now to eat honey right outta the jar!


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We're always looking for new adventures, and well, learning about beekeeping seemed like a good idea. We had one hive in 2011, and we've increased since then Our goal is 10ish colonies, but we haven't hit our mark quite yet. We've found talking with other beekeepers to be invaluable, so we're starting this blog to keep long-distance conversations rolling throughout the year. If we can figure out beekeeping, so can you!

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